The registration process is just the beginning for companies that go through all the stages defined by law. Once this process is completed, special sections on the portal, offer the possibility to start monitoring after signaling individuals or companies which are interacting with one of the companies which have a SFINS registration number.

How can a monitoring start?

Companies or individuals who face problems that violate the law and against the registration license number, can initiate a process with a monitoring request of a company that has a SFINS registration number.

Start monitoring now.

If the above, one of these companies meets the conditions for starting a monitoring, then you can contact the relevant department by sending an e-mail with the following data:

Name Surname

Registration number and company name

Your message including claims that are against the law

You can send this monitoring request to: [email protected]

You will be notified as soon as the process starts and you will be notified of its progress.