What is sfins.ch?

Sfins.ch (swiss financial security) is a multifunctional portal which serves all persons who encounter institutions or individuals who offer financial cooperation.

The portal offers the possibility of online information on the activity of institutions or individuals.

The process of approving these institutions or individuals is a rigorous and difficult process and not always, stakeholders receive approval to appear as companies or individuals who are regulated by law.

Types of authorizations

There are several types of authorizations that benefit from SFINS which require a range of documents and specifications depending on the product offered by the institutions or individuals concerned.

SFINS Authorization

From industry to industry, the relevant legislation is variable. The authorization of SFINS and the entry of companies or individuals in the ONLINE register is done after these companies or individuals have provided the relevant documents which confirm the receipt of the authorization or license according to the relevant legislation.

SFINS Registration Number (RN)

Approval and entry in the online register of companies brings the SFINS registration number which is offered in this online portal