Reporting Complaints

In any case you may have, including cases that you do not find on the Portal, you can report your complaints and verification will begin immediately. Legal protection against wrongdoers gives you the opportunity to complain about entities that invite you to cooperate for financial relationships.

What can you report?

You have received an invitation by e-mail or telephone, you have met physically or virtually and you have started a financial relationship. The financial relationship that you started with time shows problems because you, before starting a relationship, did not do the proper verifications. It is time to report.

How can you report?

The initial reporting process is a fast-paced process that requires you to provide some information about the company or individual with whom you have established a financial relationship. You are required to verify this relationship by offering the following:

Company name

Documents proving the financial relationship

Send this complaint report to [email protected]

You will immediately receive a confirmation email for your reporting.